Desk Calendar

Desk Calendar is not only a necessary tool in office, but also a highly cost-efficient promotional product. Giving away an aesthetic and functional desk calendar to your clients, you can promote your brand and help them while they are making strategic plan, one stone, two birds!

About this product

Standard Size: 
Horizontal - Small (210 x 170mm) Printing Area (210 x 140mm);
Horizontal - Large (260 x 190mm) Printing Area (260 x 160mm);
Vertical - Small (150 x 230mm) Printing Area (150 x 200mm);
Vertical - Large (190 x 260mm) Printing Area (190 x 220mm)
14pp (7 sheets)
Lead Time: 
Up to 8 working days
Paper Type: 
250gsm card / 300 Pearl Card
Material of Stand:157gsm art paper with 1200gsm Cardboard
Download Template: